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Engineered to lift motor vehicles for parking purposes but also suitable for car dealers to use as a showcase with glass cover around the steel construction.
The Power column is fitted with a mechanical safety lock that automatically engages with each platform during descent. This locks the platforms in the event of any electrical or mechanical failure. For complete safety, the lock has to be manually released during the descent phase.(man present system)
Making sure that below the platform, there is no vehicle or obstacle, the person using the mechanical lever deactivates the lock mechanism which will then allow the platforms move downward safely. There is also a cable failure mechanism as an additional safety measure.
Parachute valves, otherwise known as hose rupture valves, placed inside the cylinder that stops the down flow of the oil in case of emergency.

Usage Areas:
• Commercial parking Lots
• Residence & Private Parking Areas
• Car Dealers & Rental Companies
• Real Estate Developers, Architects, Engineers
• Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Airports and Hotels etc
• High Quality Steel
• Interior / Exterior Use
• Lifting Capacity 3.000 kg per platform
• Pre-fabricated Unit ( Bolts & Nuts )
• Need Foundation on the site
• Valet Parking System
• Mini or Commercial Power Pack (For every local electric output)
• Solid Decking against dripping any item
• Easily height adjustment for ceiling clearance
• Special Key
• Lock for Security and Safety
• Emergency Button
• Mechanical Safety Lock
• Extra safety with Parachute Valve
• Steel on Steel Locks
• CE certificate
Power Requirements:
• 3 KW Three Phase motor for commercial power pack
• Operate up to 10 lifts one by one with a commercial power pack
• Easy lowering event of power failure
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