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From the wide palette of products that we are offering to the market....
:: City lift ::
Ideal to double existing parking spaces for offices, residential homes, apartments, hotels, public and private parking lots, car collectors car rentals and dealers, for both indoor and outdoor installations. Highly suitable for places with low height constraints. No site building works required for installation. Where there is a large parking requirement, using low cost commercial power units, these lifts can be positioned next to each other for maximum space utilization.
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:: Metro lift ::
Cars at a parklift is extremely secure. Getting extra space is major advantage but there are other advantages; Cars are much safer at the parklift against burglary or theft. The chance of getting hit by other cars up above is simply none. Systems can be used indoors or out. Needs almost no maintenance. Just like the Easy-Lift, Urban-Lift is a dependent type parking mechanism.
Hot dip galvanizing of all steel components protects these lifts for life.
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:: Single pit :: Double pit ::
Independent type lifts suitable for new housing and commercial developments.
This lift will allow all vehicles to be removed freely without disturbance of the others.
All our Single Pit & Double Pit models are typically completely hot-dip galvanized. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
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:: 3 Level :: 4 Level ::
Engineered to lift motor vehicles for parking purposes but also suitable for car dealers to use as a showcase with glass cover around the steel construction.
The Power column is fitted with a mechanical safety lock that automatically engages with each platform during descent. This locks the platforms in the event of any electrical or mechanical failure.
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:: Puzzle ::
Puzzle or puzzle parking equipment is to realize the parking and retrieving through motor driving the chain and wire rope, which afterwards drives the parking pallet lifting or sliding. It is distinguished for its Security and Speed. With the complete installation equipments and control system, simple structure, standarded design, scale manufacture and fast installation and mature operation.
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:: Shaft Parking System ::
Shaft Parking System is a kind of automatic parking tower which uses main lift and dolly to store and retrieve cars automatically by PLC program. The frame of the garage, which can be instead of concrete.
Main lift is in the middle to carry the car with dolly vertically into each layer. The machine to exchange car from car place to shuttle carrier or from lift to shuttle carrier.
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:: Parking Tower ::
Parking tower has the similar theory and structure to elevators. The driver only needs to park the car into entrance and the lifter will automatically raise and move the vehicle to the nearest position. This is the complete parking procedure.
Especially suitable for the metropolis issue of small space and high density.
Space saving and high capacity. The least is 1 square meters per car on average, which highly increases the land usage.
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:: Automatic Storage Parking System ::
Automatic storage parking system has the similar theory with automatic storehouse, the system move the car horizontally and vertically to the pre-designated position. The driver can leave after he parks the car into entrance room, the system will transport the car to position completely automatically.
Suit for the garages of residential quarters, shopping centers, office blocks, saving spaces and economizing total cost of building invest.
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