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Brief Introduction:

Automatic storage parking system has the similar theory with automatic storehouse, the system move the car horizontally and vertically to the pre-designated position. The driver can leave after he parks the car into entrance room, the system will transport the car to position completely automatically.
Suit for the garages of residential quarters, shopping centers, office blocks, saving spaces and economizing total cost of building invest.



a. The garage structure can be designed concrete or steel conveniently
b. Make fully use of spaces, can be built tridimensional multilayer on ground or in basement
c. The total garage investment may be less than common basement garage
d. High efficiency: realize to retrieve several cars at the same time
e. High intelligence: the system is fully automatically controlled by computer
f. Personalized operation screen. Simple operation and control
g. Intelligent and enviornment friendly garage

System Classification:

Type B: Lifts and Shuttle Carriers

The lift should reach every storey of garage, and there is at least one shuttle carrier moving horizontally in each layer.

Parameters of automatic storage parking system:
  Size of spaces (W*L) 2200*5800 mm Exit/Entrance (W*L*H) Without turntable 4400*6700*2800 mm
With turntable 6200*6700*3500 mm
  Height of layer (car/suv)

(1950/2350)+250 mm

Lift speed

About 60M/min(lift)

  Height of the top layer (car/suv) -
Slide speed

About 80M/min(Shuttle carrier)


Driveway width

5800/6000 mm

Average continous retrieving time

About 60s


Lift pit:2000mm

Electricity capability for one system

About 40KW


Car size



Use of electric power/one car About 0.15kwh


  Car weight <2300kg Maximum layers 10
  Liferoad L*W) Lift at sametime turn 6600*6600mm Car places in one system <180
Lift before turn 3300*5700mm
  Power AC380V10%,50HZ 3phases 5 lines, Double power supply, the two lines can be exchanged automatically
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