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Parking tower has the similar theory and structure to elevators. The driver only needs to park the car into entrance and the lifter will automatically raise and move the vehicle to the nearest position. This is the complete parking procedure.
Especially suitable for the metropolis issue of small space and high density.
Space saving and high capacity. The least is 1 square meters per car on average, which highly increases the land usage.
Upgrade the taste and value of main construction.
High intelligence: parking lots can be booked in advance.
High speed: The parking speed? 100 seconds in the worse parking position.
Easy parking: Requires only driving forward. No need for driving backward and U turn; As soon as the vehicle is parked at the entrance, the drive can take off.
Intelligent Management: Fully computer control on tolling, monitoring, detecting and identifying.
Security: The system can automatically identify if there are people in the garage and it only start up with nobody inside, which is very safe and reliable.
Parameters of parking tower:
Entering-Mode-from bottom Entering-Mode-from bottom(3 towers side by side)
Entering-Mode-from center Entering-Mode-from top
  Size of spaces (W*L) 7800*7500 mm Exit/Entrance (W*L*H) Without turntable H=2550mm
With turntable


  Height of layer (car/suv)

1780/2300 mm

Lift speed

About 120m/min

  Height of the top layer (car/suv) -
Slide speed

About 25m/min(dolly)


Driveway width

5800/6000 mm

Average continous retrieving time

About 60s


Lift pit:2000mm

Electricity capability for one system

About 40kw


Car size

car Max.5200X1950X1550mm
Use of electric power/one car About 0.15kwh
suv Max.5200X1950X1950mm
  Car weight <2300kg Maximum layers 25
  Liferoad L*W) Lift at sametime turn


Car places in one system <50
Lift before turn -
  Power AC380V10%,50HZ 3phases 5 lines, Double power supply, the two lines can be exchanged automatically
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