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Shaft Parking System is a kind of automatic parking tower which uses main lift and dolly to store and retrieve cars automatically by PLC program.

The composition of Shaft Parking System:
Steel structure: The frame of the garage, which can be instead of concrete.
Main Lift: Main lift is in the middle to carry the car with dolly vertically into each layer.
Dolly: The machine to exchange car from car place to shuttle carrier or from lift to shuttle carrier.
Entrance/Exit: The room for driver to park or retrieve his car, it also can be exit.
Turntable: It can automatically turn cars back to head.
Comb structure: The steel structure like comb on each parking place.
Control system: Electrical systems with PLC programs to control the movements of parking systems. It has both automatic control and manual control ways.
Security devices: Sensors in entrances, exits, and garage etc.
Monitor system: System with video cameras in garage and computer monitors in control rooms which can show the movements of parking system.
Computer management system: Software installed in computer which can manage the parking activities, show the occupied places and empty places, calculate charges of temporary clients.
  Size of spaces (W*L) 2200 *5800 mm Exit/Entrance (W*L*H) Without turntable 4400*7100*3500 mm
With turntable


  Height of layer (car/suv)

1950/2350 mm

Lift speed

About 60M/min(lift)

  Height of the top layer (car/suv) -
Slide speed

About 46M/min(dolly)


Driveway width

5800/6000 mm

Average continous retrieving time

About 90s


Lift pit:1500mm

Electricity capability for one system

About 60kw


Car size



Use of electric power/one car About 0.18kwh


  Car weight <2300kg Maximum layers 20
  Liferoad L*W) Lift at sametime turn


Car places in one system <120
Lift before turn -
  Power AC380V10%,50HZ 3phases 5 lines, Double power supply, the two lines can be exchanged automatically
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